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The Purpose Dashboard

The Management Information tool on Purpose

Measure the Purpose experience among employees and stakeholders and discover the opportunities that lead to a better operating result.

The Purpose Company provides tools to give Purpose true and verifiable meaning. These tools contribute to getting everybody on board and keeping Purpose-driven initiatives top of mind. We offer various solutions: 'The Purpose Dashboard', 'The Meaningful Work app' and 'The People Connect App'.

The Purpose Dashboard is your compass,  providing insight into the contribution to Purpose as it is felt by your people, showing you the way forward in discovering opportunities that will boost your bottom line. The Purpose Dashboard shows your contribution to meaningful entrepreneurship.

The People Connect App

In this time of covidvirus, which forces us all to observe social distancing, we wish to contribute to maintaining  (personal) contact, even turning it into an opportunity for your organization!  The strength that comes from the bond between team members should not be lost.

That is why we have converted our ‘Purposeful Working App’ into ‘The People Connect App’.

We are making this app available for free.

Do you want to :

- Work from home & feel closely connected to your colleagues .

- Improve your work enjoyment at home .

- Retain the insights you gain at home for post-corona

- Use any extra time to make the team or organization function even better post-corona

- Brainstorm about working even more purposefully with your colleague

Then ‘The People Connect App’ will support you!

The People Connect App works on 4 levels:

- The well-being of the individual - this is about the individual team member

- Social cohesion - more interaction between colleagues on a (informal) personal level

- Business - be successful and supporting the goals of the organization in these times of crisis.

- Post corona - generating ideas about (more) purposeful work. What have we learned from the corona crisis and what can we do differently (better) after it?

If you would like more information about this app, just let us know!


The Purpose Dashboard

The Purpose Dashboard provides insight into the extent to which Purpose is being embraced and shows opportunities to develop this further. Before we begin the improvement process, the dashboard is used to perform a baseline measurement on the attitude of the stakeholders to Purpose, their knowledge of it and their perceived contribution to attaining Purpose. During a certain period, The Purpose Dashboard measures the development and renders the growing impact visible, measurable and comparable.

The Meaningful work App

In order to keep Purpose top of mind, The Purpose Company and Innergie developed 'The meaningful work App'. In addition to the other solutions, such as workshops and training, this App contributes to the positive of the established Purpose. By means of assignments that are shared during a set period in time, your employees are inspired to think about the Purpose and purposeful work and, of course, to put it into practice!