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The Purpose Company

Positive impact on employees, the business and the world around us

What do we want to achieve?

The Purpose Company delivers a positive impact on your employees, your business and the world around us. The Purpose Company makes organizations a great deal healthier. Your teams will be even prouder of your organization and your people will perform their roles with more zest than ever before.

How do we achieve that?

The Purpose Company want Purpose to be more than just words on paper, by giving it true meaning for your organization and by fostering authenticity in the relationship with your customers, guests, patients or clients and -potential -  employees.

By what means?

Business Coaching: Inspiration and commitment

Leaderschip tools

Workshops that will energize the entire organization

Measuring Purpose within your organization

Employees of companies with Purpose are more involved and more inspired. They are 1.4 times more involved, 3 times more likely to stay and have 41% less absenteeism.

(Source: Gallup Employee Engagement 2018 and EY The Energy Project 2013)

Business Coaching

Together, we add Purpose to the existing strategy, mission, vision and values and/ or increase the focus on Purpose in your organization. Purpose is emanated by the Board or Management Team and we are happy to discuss which Purpose fits best, or how it can best be defined.

It is also possible to check if your employees embrace the current purpose with support of our tools. Contact us for a non-obligatory first Purpose scan.

Purpose Training

We provide training courses that make your people experience the power of Purpose. Our preferred partner for this is Innergie , an organization  with 20 years’ experience in organizational and personal development. By implementing the 4 circles of involvement - the individual, team, market and the world around us – Purpose becomes a strong driver. This results in clear choices and intrinsic motivation of your employees, who will experience Purpose in their daily work.

The Purpose Dashboard

Purpose is not just an abstract concept. Its impact can and should be measured. Either by means of a baseline measurement or as part of the process , monitoring the extent to which your people experience the Purpose of your organization and feel committed to it. Our Purpose Dashboard provides this insight through periodic measurements.

Request a baseline measurement for your organization now with the contact form .

Strongly Purpose-driven companies outperform the rest of the market by 133%!

(Source: Havas Meaningful brands research)

Drs. Edward Haarmans


Edward held several commercial positions over many years at companies like AKZO Nobel, Ordina Clockwork, Emerce and inRiver. In his spare time Edward wrote a book about happiness in life for his two children. Co-founding The Purpose Company with Hans Smith was a logical next step as Edward now applies the advice from his book in his (working) life. A key element in happiness is to find Purpose, and it is equally essential for the success of companies. Having Purpose means having strongly motivated employees, with a positive impact on all stakeholders and the world around us.

Hans Smith BBA-BPC


Hans is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with enviable expertise in creating an experience that exceeds customer expectations.

After multiple positions at Disney, he started to inspire people within organizations to increase customer or guest loyalty to brands or organizations.

Now, Hans wants to make a difference by promoting the Purpose Economy, sharing his expertise in the boardroom and with management teams.

Tim Horsten BAS

Co-owner The Purpose Dashboard

With his consulting practice, for many years Tim has been committed to increasing business continuity, which he believes is synonymous with sustainability.

Within the Purpose Company, he is the expert who visualizes Purpose, developing all the instruments and tools offered by The Purpose Company.

With validated, scientific research, Tim clarifies your potential role in the Purpose Economy, while The Purpose Company helps you claim it!

Companies with Purpose achieve better results. They grow 10% faster in terms of profit and outperform the stock market by 120%.

(Source: Edelman The Good Purpose Study 2013)

The Purpose Company & our partner Innergie

For more than 20 years, Innergie has been helping organizations to become guest-driven, to work on team building and to create valuable experiences. Inspiring people, straight from the heart. Now, as the Purpose Economy is taking shape, we are taking this a step further. With the mind as well as the heart, we guide organizations into this new era. Connected with all aspects of life, inspiring your people to make a real difference. To make money, while providing added value to society. That is why Innergie now also uses themes such as purposeful work, sustainability and love for life.

A number of organizations that have already worked on purposeful entrepreneurship include:


Please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help each other and what we can do for your organization!

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