positive impact on employee, the business and the world

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The Purpose Company

Positive impact on employees, the business and the world around us

What The Purpose Company can do for your organisation, in a nutshell

We make a positive impact on your bottom line as well as the world around us by inspiring your people. The market is transitioning, from an Experience Economy to a Purpose Economy , and working with our clients, we contribute to this with our modular enrichment process. This enrichment is primarily created by adding Purpose that is supported across the organization. The resulting awareness increases employee well-being , which translates into higher commitment to the organization, increased motivation, and more  loyal customers,  driving the growth of your organization. Thus, the enrichment we are talking about also means prosperity for the organization. In this way, purposeful entrepreneurship becomes a natural choice that converts the intrinsic motivation of the entire organization into action and personal and economic growth.

The modular enrichment process consists of (management) consultancy to fine-tune or determine the Purpose, a training programme with workshops to generate maximum support in the organization, and our online Purpose Dashboard to monitor and develop growth in well-being.

In short: The Purpose Company acts as a guide to get meaningful entrepreneurship ‘away from a merely paper exercition’ and to actually experience and feel it within your company and in contact with your customers!

In finding Purpose, making a positive contribution to the world is key

In addition to the organization's mission, vision and values, Purpose in the Purpose Economy is a key element in the organization's strategy. Finding the right Purpose, that fits within the strategy and culture of the organization, can be quite a challenge.

Purpose is also closely related to finding the goal to make a positive contribution to the world. Much research has been done as inspiration for this positive contribution to a better and more beautiful world. Much of that research is integrated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Many goals that contribute to Purpose can be linked to one or more of these SDGs.

De global sustainable development goals van de united nations